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At Quilted Squirrel, we believe that every school has a story worth telling—but is it worth reading? Is it worth exploring? Is it worth experiencing

You’re empowered with the privilege of telling your school’s story. And as experts in marketing in higher education, we’re here to help you discover it, craft it, and share it. 

Together, we can amplify your presence in higher education. Let’s tell creative stories that encourage students to connect, promote a strong sense of belonging, and inspire engagement in your college community.  

The higher ed landscape is evolving.

Remember when the average college student looked like an awkward, pimply faced teen fresh out of high school? Okay, maybe that’s just how we looked in college—but that only proves our point: Demographics on college campuses are changing. Check out these fast facts:

  • The average college student is now 26.4 years old.
  • 64% of students are working either full-time or part-time.
  • 28% of students have children of their own (or care for dependent family members).
  • 32% percent of students are from low-income families.
  • 38% of students are enrolled part-time.

Your students aren’t who they used to be. Let’s show them that you’re not just keeping pace— you’re helping them pave a path to a brighter future. 

Don’t just fill the bucket. Light the fire.

Today’s higher ed students are anything but traditional. They want more than just a piece of paper with your school logo and a smattering of signatures. But it’s not about them wanting more. It’s about them deserving more. So, what do they deserve?

  • A college or university that sees the world through their eyes
  • An invitation to participate in something bigger than themselves
  • Opportunities to act, engage, and create—not sit, listen, and repeat
  • Meaningful, shared conversations—not sound bytes or taglines
  • Benefits beyond tuition discounts and flexible schedules

Let’s create a dialogue that speaks with your students, not at them.

Your story starts and stops with your students.

Yes, you’re a well-founded institution. Maybe you’ve even been around for 100 years or longer. But your campus couldn’t have been built without a community of students and a sense of purpose.

Do you know who they are? What they want? Why they should care about the story you have to tell? 

We can bring your story—and theirs—to life. And if you haven’t yet discovered what your story is, we’ll help you find it. 

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The Quilted Squirrel is a creative services agency in Orchard Park, New York. With a strong commitment to serving the higher education landscape in our community, we work with colleges and universities to launch more effective campaigns, build better websites, produce more engaging videos, and a lot more. Together, we create memorable experiences that result in better outcomes for school communities.

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